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Success Rates

At Bridge Clinic London we pride ourselves in having a multidisciplinary team that is committed to helping you achieve your dreams of starting a family and we will give you all the support that you need at every stage of your journey. The treatment you receive will always be designed around your individual needs.

It is important to remember that success rates can have their limitations when you compare them with your own experiences or diagnosis.

Comparing results across clinics

Comparing results across other clinics can be difficult as the type of patients treated at the clinic (their age, the cause of their infertility, how long they have been trying to conceive , whether they have had treatment before) will have an effect, as well as the type of treatments that the clinic can provide and the protocols they use.

Whilst some clinics may not accept patients with certain fertility diagnoses or previous failed treatment cycles because these patients may lower their success rates, the Bridge Clinic London team will aim to help everyone achieve their dream of having a family.

Success rates data

Bridge Clinic London acquired BPAS Fertility in February 2023 with the majority of the clinical and embryology teams remaining and committed to providing our patients with the best possible chances of success.
BPAS Fertility provided fertility treatments for only 7 months, performing a total of 27 embryo transfers between fresh IVF/ICSI cycles and frozen embryo transfers and since we started treating patients as Bridge Clinic, we have carried out 9 more embryo transfers. As a result, the clinical pregnancy rates that we present here are influenced by these low numbers, and to minimise this effect we present fresh and frozen embryo transfer cycles in the same tables.

The results

The results show that, despite not selecting the patients that we treat, our clinical pregnancy rates are above national average for most age groups. This has been achieved by identifying the embryos that will be most likely to result in a live birth, considering the medical history of the patient and transferring as few embryos as possible.

Indeed, according to the HFEA trends and figures report from 2021, the average age of patients having IVF/ICSI in the UK is 36. In contrast, at Bridge Clinic London the average is 38.1.

It is our goal to minimise pregnancy risks for our patients, and we follow a very careful embryo transfer policy to minimise, as far as possible, our multiple pregnancy rate which is currently 8% (1/13).

Due to the HFEA system of reporting data currently being updated, the success rates above have been calculated from data that has not been verified by them and comparison to concurrent national data is not possible.

All Bridge Clinic London cycles (fresh IVF/ICSI and frozen embryo transfers)

Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred (June 2023 to November 2023)
age embryos transferred clinical pregnancies clinical pregnancies national average
<35 3 1 33% 39%
35-37 2 0 0% 30%
38-39 1 1 100% 22%
40-42 7 3 43% 13%
43-44 0 0 0% 6%
>44 0 0 - 4%
All ages 13 5 38% 27%

All Bridge Clinic London and BPAS Fertility cycles (fresh IVF/ICSI and frozen embryo transfers)

Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred (February 2022 to November 2023)
age embryos transferred clinical pregnancies clinical pregnancies national average
<35 8 2 25% 39%
35-37 13 4 31% 30%
38-39 7 2 43% 22%
40-42 19 5 26% 13%
43-44 4 0 0% 6%
>44 0 0 - 4%
All ages 51 13 26% 27%

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“Every patient who walks through our doors is uncertain about the future. My priority is to work responsibly and ethically with their dream of conceiving a baby. Our compassionate team walks the sometimes difficult journey with all of our patients, helping choose the right treatments, providing counselling and delivering the highest quality care.”

Marta Jansa Perez

Director of Embryology

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